Michael Jordan: Ultimate Jordan Basketball Videos - NBA Highlights

Michael Jordan: Ultimate Jordan

Michael Jordan: 2001 Ultimate Jordan [Full Documentary Online]

MJ Ultimate

 "I'm doing it for the love of the game, nothing else." -Michael Jordan, Pre-season 2001.

Ultimate Michael Jordan

Undeniably, Michael Jordan loved the game of basketball. In 2001, USA pictures and NBA Entertainment produced "Ultimate Jordan," a two-disc DVD tribute to the NBA'S greatest player and ESPN's Number One Athlete of the 20th Century. The discs included all five of his documentaries, "Come Fly With Me," (1989) "Michael Jordan's Playground" (1991), "Air Time" (1995), "Above & Beyond" (also 1995), and the fifth and final documentary covering his entire championship run and career for the Chicago Bulls in "His Airness" (1998). The two disc set also included the top ten clutch shots, assists, dunks, and moves that prove why this man is the only player in the NBA to win its most prestigious titles, including six championship titles in eight seasons and a first ever "Defensive Player of the Year" and "Scoring Title" Awards in the same season!

“[March 29, 1995] was the night he put up double nickels on the Knicks. It was his first time back to the Garden after his comeback. We hung out and went to dinner the night before and stayed out late, and he was determined to wear the same retro pair of shoes he wore the first time he played at the Garden.

“They were too small, but he said he was going to wear them anyway. ... He told me that night, ‘Man, my feet hurt so bad they’re bleeding.’ I said, ‘Why don’t you take them off?’ He said he wore those shoes the first time he played at the Garden and he was going to wear them.

“When the game was over, he went to the bus in his stocking feet.”

AHMAD RASHAD - Co-host on Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive,” former NBA studio personality

MJ Ultimate


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Michael Jordan: Ultimate Jordan Basketball Videos - NBA Highlights