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Michael Jordan: Above & Beyond


It is easy to become blinded by Michael Jordan's rising star, to see only the slam dunks and focused teamwork. But in the periphery is the motivation behind his incredible talent. What sparks the fire that lead to his domination of the sport of basketball? What could make the most successful athlete of all time retire at 30? In Above and Beyond, Jordan's psychological traits are dissected, his greatness stripped of legendary status and made real. The video explores the reasonings behind Jordan's unprecedented 1993 departure from the sport that made him famous. Through interviews and commentary, it replays his 1995 return to the Chicago Bulls. In between was Jordan's father's murder, his foray into baseball, and his struggle to accept the limitations of his fate. Above and Beyond gives a deeper sense of Jordan's character, one not normally found in sports documentaries.

His Airness

NAME: Michael Jeffrey Jordan
OCCUPATION: Basketball Player
BIRTH DATE: February 17, 1963 (Age: 50)
EDUCATION: Emsley A. Laney High School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PLACE OF BIRTH: Brooklyn, New York

AKA: Michael Jordan
Nickname: "Air Jordan"
Nickname: "Black Cat"
Nickname: "MJ"
Nickname: "His Airness"

MJ His Airness


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Michael Jordan: Above & Beyond Basketball Videos - NBA Highlights