[3] Chicago Bull's Superstar Derrick Rose Best Plays 2010-2011 Basketball Videos - NBA Highlights

[3] Chicago Bull's Superstar Derrick Rose Best Plays 2010-2011

Derrick Rose's Top 10 Plays of the 2011 Season: Rose led the Bulls to the best record in the league this year. Here are his best plays from his unforgettable season.

Derrick Rose Season MVP Mix - Best Plays & Moments 2011

Derrick Rose could go down as the youngest MVP (Most Valuable Player) ever to win the award. Derrick Rose has lead his team to the best record in the East, 2nd in the NBA. Derrick Rose has hit big shots game after game. Many of the greats went out and said he deserves this award, such as Michael Jordan. Derrick Rose is the only player to average in the top 10 in scoring and assist. This mix starts off him saying: "Why can't I be MVP?" Then it gives a quick flash back to his simeon/memphis days. Finally it shows Roses best highlights this season. Many have doubted him before the season, and all Rose did is work on his game. He is a rising star, he is the 2nd coming in Chicago. "Windy City Assassin."

"Once again, I think they have got the MVP of the league. That kid has come into his own. He has matured quite a bit. When he came into the league, everybody said he had speed, he could get to the rim, but he can't shoot. Now he can shoot—the three, as well as pull-up shots. He has very few flaws. I'm pretty sure the next thing they are going to say is that he doesn't play good defense, or he can't handle a double-team. Time will tell. The kid works hard and I think he's a great piece for this franchise to rebuild with."

-- Michael Jordan on Derrick Rose

"Chicago's Derrick Rose is clearly the MVP in my mind. I've had the opportunity to watch him play every night and I'm very high on the way he's developed as a leader. Now, his team is playing towards a 60-win season. He's been spectacular."

-- Scottie Pippen on Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose MVP Mix - Coming Up Roses: Derrick Rose is officially an All-Star Starter for the East at LA. This highlight mix shows Derrick throughout this season 2010-2011 but also showcases Rose from 2008-2010. Derrick gets so much respect in the league from other players. I believe Rose should get more calls then he is now during games. Derrick Rose is getting MVP consideration because of his great play this season which leads to wins for the Chicago Bulls.

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[3] Chicago Bull's Superstar Derrick Rose Best Plays 2010-2011 Basketball Videos - NBA Highlights