The Dream Team Best Plays Basketball Videos - NBA Highlights

The Dream Team Best Plays

Air Jordan Dream Team

“It was funny, we had some good 3-point shooters. Michael after every practice challenged Craig Hodges, John Paxson, B.J. Armstrong, all the guys who can really shoot the ball.

“I mean, failure was not an option for him. How many guys would put themselves in the 3-point shooting contest knowing that wasn’t his thing? That’s why I say, ‘Are you a selected competitor or do you compete at everything?’ Michael competed at everything.”

DOUG COLLINS - Former Jordan coach with Bullls and Wizards

Dream Team Best Plays

Charles Barkley - Phoenix Suns
Larry Bird - Boston Celtics
Clyde Drexler - Portland Trail Blazers
Patrick Ewing - New York Knicks
Magic Johnson - Los Angeles Lakers
Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls
Christian Laettner* Duke University
Karl Malone - Utah Jazz
Chris Mullin* - Golden State Warriors
Scottie Pippen - Chicago Bulls
David Robinson - San Antonio Spurs
John Stockton - Utah Jazz


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The Dream Team Best Plays Basketball Videos - NBA Highlights